America Is Almost Many Countries In One

It’s okay – this is not a divisive political polemic, rather a comment on how amazing America is from sea to shining sea. They call it New England for a very specific reason. The climate and the feel there is kinda like the old country – well at least the people who first landed there thought so.

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If you compare that with the heat and the vegetation in Florida, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in a different country.

Head out west into the desert and it is another completely different climate and geography again.

This delightful diversity goes beyond the scenery and the weather. It carries right down to the houses Americans live it. The adobe homes of the west are built to stay cool and provide cover against the hot sun. Their interiors are also deeply reflective of the character of the place.

Rustic furniture dallas tx is so much more appropriate for homes in the desert and unless you were to put it in the man cave with a certain nod to the cowboy lifestyle would look just wrong in Maine. But in Texas, a rustic earth-toned interior is a tribute to the people who trudged south and west and made a living from the things they found around them.

Not surprisingly you’ll find the materials are earthy and their colors rich and deep yet based in the red-brown tones of the earth. Wood is used plentifully but is often the light colored sun-bleached hues rather than the rich dark browns you might find elsewhere.

Set against natural colored walls with huge splashes of color the effect is both cool, calming and yet perfect for its place in the world. It’s enough to bring out the cowboy in all of us.