Are the Pistons in Your Car Fried?

Cars take us where we need to go effortlessly, but when things go wrong, it puts a halt on that pleasure. Car trouble happens, usually when it’s least expected and at the worst of times. Preventative maintenance and non-aggressive driving will both minimize car trouble, but even then problems can and will occur. It is important to respond promptly to car trouble when it rears its ugly face. So many problems can occur that decrease the vehicle operation, decrease its life expectancy, and cause other trouble.

For many drivers, issues with the pistons in the vehicle cause them woe.  Consider yourself lucky if you’ve yet to endure any pistons problems. Many drivers find this to be a common culprit of car complaints in their life.

The piston rings in the car have a very important job in the vehicle. They protect the engine and help control oil pressure and engine oil consumption. When the rings wear out or become damaged, it causes many problems that quickly devastate the vehicle’s engine. If repair is not made quickly, it could result in an entire engine breakdown.

Common signs that the pistons or rings in the vehicle have gone bad include:

·    Loss of power

piston rings

·    Poor performance

·    White/gray exhaust smoke

·    Excessive oil consumption

The symptoms above are not inclusive to piston problems, however, so make sure to get a proper diagnosis for a car care expert to ensure that your vehicle is properly repaired. Many different issues may cause your car to smoke, use more oil than it should, or lose power. When an expert diagnoses the trouble, you can be sure that your car is thoroughly and efficiently repaired so you are ready to drive for a long time to come.