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Why is My Vacuum Pump Not Pulling Enough?

A vacuum pump is a very important component used in various types of machinery, but like any other type of part that is used, problems can and will occur with this part. When trouble brews, it’s important to pick up the phone and call to schedule a professional repair or replacement of one of the great busch vacuum pumps out there. One of the most common problems that people have with their vacuum pump is a lack of power or pull. What good is a vacuum pump if it does not pull?

busch vacuum pumps

What’s the Trouble?

A low vacuum pump should be trouble-shooted as soon as possible to prevent lost productivity and wear and tear and damage to other parts of the machine. Most of the problems that occur with the pump can easily be repaired if the call to a professional is made in time. Some of the most common reasons that vacuum pumps fail to pull enough:

·    Contamination

·    Improper installation

·    Lack of oil

·    Wrong type of oil

·    Too much oil

·    System leaks

·    Open gas ballast valves

·    Plugged inlets

These minor issues can wreak havoc on the machines at your business if you do not call a professional as soon as you notice a problem. The issues are usually easy to repair, as stated, but the longer you wait to call, the more difficulty it causes and you might find more trouble to repair than what you originally started with.

The Bottom Line

A professional pump repair man can replace the pump and this usually resolves the problem when the issues above and others cause trouble. Make sure you pay attention to your machines and take action when the pump simply isn’t putting out the power that your machines need.

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